New Listeners
We find out about people who would like to receive our service from various sources - or because a friend or neighbour lets us know.

All you have to do is contact us with the details of the person who would like to receive a weekly copy. We will do the rest
Easy listening in the comfort of your own home whilst keeping up to date with all the local news and magazine features every week.

It couldn’t be easier.

What will it cost me?
Not a penny. There is no charge.
The Royal Mail delivers all material for sight-impaired people without charge so it doesn't even cost you anything to send the memory stick back to us.

I am not totally blind. Can I still receive a
weekly copy?

Yes, of course. We are here to help any sight-impaired person who cannot read the newspapers for themselves and have no-one who can do it for them. We just need to know that you are registered as blind - which you can be even if you have some residual sight.
What if I forget to return my mailing bag one week?
Most people return their mailing bags week in, week out. We need to receive it by Wednesday, but if you miss that deadline send it in as soon as you can and you will get a copy the following week.
Registered Charity Number 505128