Administration is now computerised but still requires a great deal of care and attention
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The Talking Newspaper is a masterpiece of organisation and teamwork and involves more than 50 dedicated volunteers.

New volunteers are always very welcome and all team members enjoy taking part in something that is so worthwhile.
The weekly scripts are prepared on the day of the recording by the editorial team

A small group of people who work on Thursday mornings from about 8.30am to around 11.00am and who extract the news from the papers, to enable the maximum number of stories possible to be included. The magazine section is also edited and recorded on Thursday mornings.
Editorial Staff
Memory stick administrators

A small team of people remove the previous week's memory sticks from envelopes, keeping track of who has returned them. This work is also done on Thursday mornings.
The technicians' control room features a full digital editing suite
Four teams of five people, with up to four reserves allocated to each team, attend later on a Thursday morning on a 4 weekly rota basis and read the news items selected and edited by the editorial team. The readers arrive at the studio at 11.15am and normally leave by about 1.00pm.
The soundproof recording studio is a comfortable environment for a team of up to five readers
Technicians are allocated to each reading team and are responsible for operating the studio's recording equipment, working the same hours as the magazine  and news readers.
General administration
Four teams of two or three people, also working on a 4 weekly rota basis, come to the studio after the Thursday recordings are finished. They are responsible for copying the master recording onto MP3 memory sticks, placing them into the plastic mailing pouches and ensuring that they get to the Royal Mail Sorting Office. The operation takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Responsible for registering new listeners, changes of address etc.. Administrators work for a few hours on Thursday morning.
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