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If you would like to receive the Macclesfield Talking Newspaper, or if you know of someone who would, you can get in touch with us by any of the following methods:

Letter :     15 Queen Victoria Street, Macclesfield,
                Cheshire, SK11 6LP
Phone :     01625 435283
(Thursday mornings, or leave a message at any time )
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Donations & Bequests

If you would like to make a donation to help us to continue to provide this service to the many deserving listeners, then please contact us by one of the above methods. We look forward to talking to you.

Thank you
Can you help us
We always need people like you with talent and enthusiasm. Why not become a volunteer on one of our teams?  We'd be pleased to hear from you - we think you will enjoy it.
The success of the Macclesfield Talking Newspaper would have been impossible to achieve without the dedication of all our volunteers past and present who turn out week after week, hail, rain or shine, to carry out their allotted tasks; not only the newsreaders whose familiar voices are awaited each week by the listeners, but those who do all the sometimes mundane, but necessary, tasks essential to ensure a quality production.

We extend special thanks to the Macclesfield Eye Society for their continued support to enable us to provide a benefit to the blind and partially-sighted people of the area.

Thanks are due to the clubs, societies, businesses, organisations and individuals who have supported us over the years by raising funds, volunteers, materials and services.

We are grateful to the Postmaster and his staff for their unfailing efficiency and courtesy in the delivery of the yellow pouches on time every week for our listeners to enjoy the Talking Newspaper at their leisure, and then returning them to us. Without this service a Talking Newspaper would not be possible.

Finally, we thank the Macclesfield Express, Community News, Bollington Live and various Parish Magazines for allowing us to raid their columns each week for news, views and "tit-bits".
Registered Charity Number 505128
The Macclesfield premises is very close to the town centre and conveniently situated for all the bus and rail services
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