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Over the years the number of listeners has approached 200 and numerous improvements have been made to the quality of recording equipment and the standard of the recording studio.

A major overhaul took place in the early part of 1998 when, with the blessing of the Macclesfield Society for the Blind, a new studio was constructed on the 2nd floor - 24 years after Majorie Snow's vision.

The studio was a vast improvement on the previous one, not least of which was having a quiet environment to make the recordings.

The administration side of the operation was greatly improved by acquiring a personal computer to replace the original card index system. The expertise of Richard Stringer enabled a smooth changeover.

In 2002 the studio was refitted to replace outdated equipment.  There were 2 break-ins and it was after the damage caused during the second one that we decided to totally update the recording equipment.

During 2004 it was realised that cassette tape was soon going to be obsolete and that we should aim to record on CD for the future. A dedicated computer together with specialised software was purchased and the technicians trained on the new technology.
Sorting through the pouches as they arrive from the Royal Mail each Thursday morning is a vital task
Team of readers work on a four weekly rota but are happy to switch teams when necessary to cover for illness and holidays..
The Editor took this opportunity to expand the service to our listeners and issue two CD's each week; one for news, and the second a magazine including Letters Page, Sports Report, Thought for the Week, Vic Barlow's column, Obituaries, In Touch, What's On, Parish Magazines, and much more.

In 2011 a major project was undertaken to record solely on MP3 memory sticks. Following a substantial bequest from Agnes Boughtflower, the widow of a long-term TN listener, we were able to supply all our listeners with MP3 players completely free of charge. The new technology has simplified recording and copying and has been embraced by our listeners.